Saturday, May 18, 2024

Why Erik Seligman for State Representative?

It’s time for some change in Kansas State Representative district 83.   Here are some of the key points that would drive my agenda if elected:

  • Reduce the tax burden on average Kansans.   When my family moved here in 2021, we were disappointed to learn that Kansas has an exceptionally high tax burden for a “red state”.     The small tax reductions passed in the June 2024 special session were a start, but there is much more to be done.
  • Educational opportunity for children at all income levels.    Every child is a unique individual, and deserves a variety of educational options, even if their parents cannot afford private school.  We need to strengthen Kansas charter school laws, and expand school choice programs throughout the state.
  • Protect children from unnecessary medical interventions with lifelong consequences.  It has become increasingly clear that “gender-affirming” medical care allows children— many too young to get a tattoo— to decide on medical treatments that will affect the rest of their lives, and are not truly necessary.   The incumbent voted against outlawing these treatments.

In addition, I will provide open and transparent communication at a level rarely displayed by any officeholder.   When I previously served in elected office, on the board of one of Oregon’s largest school districts,  I published a detailed blog describing my reasoning behind every major vote.   You can still read it at    You will always know exactly how I voted, and what my reasoning process was— and be able to meet me at monthly Constituent Coffees to share your view, whether you agree or disagree.

Please contact me if you have any questions, and I’ll look forward to receiving your vote!

[Sponsored by Erik Seligman for State Representative.   Erik Seligman, treasurer.]


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